Society of Automotive Engineering BAJA 2015

Me and my team made an all-terrain vehicle for the renowned competition BAJA 2015, where we stood 8 th all over India and 3 rd in north India. I was the chief designer in the team and also the captain of the team.


AAKRUTI Design Innovation Competition’ 15

Aakruti design competition is held every year where I took part and presented a mechanism to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy with the help of rack and pinion mechanism. I got an award of appreciation from the AAKRUTI team.


National Kart Racing Championship Season 3​

Me and 7 of my friends had a team which made a go-kart which is presented in This competition and I was the captain of the team where design of the kart is totally under my supervision. We performed very well in the competition and stood 4 th all over and 1 st in north India. My
team got the best B.Tech. project by the Indian Society of technical education.


Hydrogen Operated SI Engine​

This was my bachelors major project where theoretically we presented the ways from how we can run a SI engine on hydrogen power. I got an award for best B.Tech. project for this study presented by the renowned society (Indian Society for technical education).


Parametric study of port depths of Gerotor Oil pump using CFD​

This is an intensive study taken in my M.Tech., where I used CFD code for running the gerotor oil pump and checking the maximum mass flow rate which can be achieved by the gerotor oil pump. For this research paper I got the best paper award in the 15 th national conference on science, engineering and technology. (2018)


Hydrogen combustion in Supersonic strut

In this project, I am trying to stabilize the flame of the hydrogen fuel coming out from a micro sized injector on a ramp shaped strut using CFD codes.