Researchs And Awards


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LES study OF passive Flow Control devices (Microramps) for Hypersonic Speed

This is my research topic in this project is funded by Aeronautical Research development board (India). In this research I checked the flow conditions and flow paths in hypersonic flow and tried to reduce the effect of Shock boundary layer interaction using some passive flow devices.

Numerical Investigation of Novel Geometric Profiles to improve the Aerodynamic Performance of a Bladeless Fan

In this research work I tried to design a bladeless fan which is a patent of Dyson. In this project I used the CFD code to try to change the geometry of the patent and reduce the losses of the flow.

Design and testing of Micro combustor (M.Tech. master project)

This is my ongoing project under National center for combustion research (NCCRD) in Indian Institute of technology, Madras, where I am trying to design a micro sized combustor of 5w power using CFD codes. After the successful simulation I am going to fabricate it and test it experimentally.


Best B Tech Project by Indian Society for Technical Education for Designing and Development of a Go Kart vehicle

Best B Tech Project by Indian Society for Technical Education for “HYDROGEN OPERATED SI ENGINE"

Best paper award in 15th National Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (NCSET 2018 held in VIT